# Welcome to my Website

{# Short Description #}

My name is Nick. \
I am from Moldova Republic of. \
&& I am Full Stack Web Developer. \
My favorite programming languages are: [ \
    JavaScript, \
    PHP, \
    Python, \
] \
Frameworks I use: { \
    js  : "Vue.JS", \
    php : "Laravel", \
    py  : "Flask", \
    css : {"Twitter Bootstrap", "Bulma", "Vuetify", "Materialize"} \
} \
A pleasure for me is to develop PWAs (Progressive Web Application) \
&& AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for website. \
Google LightHouse is a really lighthouse for me, when I work.
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Also let's not forget about Git and [tab]
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# What can I do?

{# Some skills #}

{% Jinja %}
{{ Vue.JS }}
{{ Laravel }}

And: SEO, Unix, Git, npm, Webpack, Vue SSR, Vue SPA, REST API, API Server, Docker, MySQL, Bitcoin RPC, Monero RPC, Postfix, SquirrelMail, Rainloop...
Adobe PS, AE, XD ...
P.S. When I mentioned SEO, I meant Technical Part of SEO(around 50%). I can't write texts for your websites... You can see this on my website. I am Developer, not copywriter!

# What I did?

{# Some of my works #}

Anunțuri imobiliare gratuite, vânzări și închirieri în Chișinău și alte orașe de la proprietari și companii de construcții.
Real Estate Website Vue SSR
Laravel Admin + API
Apartamente de vânzare de la companii de construcții într-un singur loc!
Real Estate
(New Buildings)
Laravel Admin + API
Full stack solutions for Your Business. Web development, Product Design, Responsive Design, SEO, PWA, AMP, Chat Bots a.o. Order now!
Single Page for friendly Angency All basic stuff

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let myContactInfo = {

   firstName: "Nicolae",

   lastName: "Casîr",

   phone: "+373 693 23 099",

   email: "nicolae.casir@gmail.com",

   telegram: "@Tzv3w5Bt8Dqt",

   address: "Chișinău, Moldova Republic of",

   social: ["fb", "ig", "in", "gh"]


* Here we could have some map
* but I care about Your traffic, cache memory,
* Your time and loading time of my website.
* P.S. Anyway I don't need that map here.
python3 - contact_form.py
python3 ./contact_form.py
>>> Please enter Your name:
>>> And Your email:
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